Where content, connection & comedy combine to close deals!

The intersection of Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), Tony Robbins (motivation)

and Ellen Degeneres (seriously?  You don’t know Ellen?)

… Merit Gest, CSP

It’s no laughing matter when you need:

  • to be positioned as trusted partner, not a transactional vendor
  • more and better quality referrals
  • better margins & increased market share
  • shorter sales cycles & consistent new business

Laugh all the way to the bank because your attendees will:

  • Shift mindset to create more possibilities for sales success
  • Build better habits to achieve sales goals
  • Ask best questions and position as a partner

Why Book Merit?

Because you want your attendees to have fun during the keynote and sell more afterwards.

  • Communications degree from Michigan State University- Go Spartans!
  • Account Executive in radio advertising 1991-1996
  • General Sales Manager, Douglas Broadcasting, 1996-1998
  • President & Founder Merit-based Sales Development, 1998-present
  • Featured “Expert Advisor” Selling Power Magazine, 2003-2006
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence, Multi Health Systems, 2008
  • Performed first stand-up comedy set, 2014 (hasn’t stopped writing one liners since!)
  • Author, Myth Shift: Challenging The Truths That Sabotage Success, 2016
  • Certified Speaking Professional, The National Speakers Association, 2017
  • Trained in Improv Comedy at Bovine Metropolis Theater, Denver, 2017-2018
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    Myths Top Sales Professionals Don't Buy

    All you have to do is be someone that people know, like and trust to win business… Sales is a numbers game… Great salespeople are born with the gift of gab… OH PLEASE! Stop the madness, it’s killing your sales results. If you still think your prospects have the power, if you think they ask the questions they really want answers to, if you think they truly are blocking out time to think it over… then it’s time to set the record straight. You are giving away your power and making your job way too difficult. In this interactive keynote you get the chance to discover the humor in these myths and learn the shift that unlocks the potential for greater possibilities and increased sales.

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    Top Five Attributes of Emotionally Intelligent Sales Professionals

    This no-nonsense program is as funny as it is direct. It’s what people who aspire to be top salespeople need to hear and what accomplished salespeople may do naturally that can be done even more deliberately to stay on top.

    Assess the emotional intelligence of your sales force and uncover the real reasons people don’t always use their knowledge, skills and talents to the best of their ability. Discover what top sales professionals have in common and what you can do to crank up your sales effectiveness.

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  • “95% of bankers attending the meeting rated your session as “Excellent”
  • “You did such a fabulous job as the keynote speaker at our annual meeting for all franchisees!  I loved how you really got to know all about the corporate housing industry and really tailored your presentation to be extremely relevant to us!
  • “You are, in a word, BRILLIANT…and I learned much more from your session at the MAB than at any point since I left college many moons ago. Thank you for delivering vital, timely and interesting information in such a fun and personal manner.”
  • “Merit’s knowledge of the subject matter, speaking skills and overall presence held the interest of our team. She shared relevant stories throughout the interactive presentation, engaging our team with questions and soliciting feedback often. I would recommend Merit for a speaking engagement. Her thorough preparation and enthusiastic style maximize her effectiveness with her audience and her follow up helps reinforce her message.”

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