Your attendees invest their energy, time and money to go to the conference.  They deserve a high energy, content rich, engaging speaker who understands how to capture attention, inspire people to action and make ‘em laugh.  When you book Merit for a keynote, you can expect a true professional who takes the time to learn about your attendees, their industry, challenges and opportunities.

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    Winners Do the Extra Credit... Even When They Have an A

    What makes a person willing to go ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty? Why do some people consistently rise to the top and others cling to entitlement mentality watching them from the sidelines? The truth is that winners do the extra credit, even when they already have an A whether it’s school, sports, entertainment, business or life.  There is always extra credit that can be done and few people who are willing to bring an attitude of extra credit to what they do.  Becoming one of those people ensures your success. You will laugh. You will learn. You will know exactly what to do when you leave the session. You will be in action before the next session. You will use your new Extra Credit Mindset everywhere and it will stick with you for the long term.  This session sets off a culture of Extra Credit seekers and that can transform the future of an organization.

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    The Secret to Crushing Your Sales Quota: Three Things That You Can Do Right Now

    This no-nonsense program is as funny as it is direct. It’s what people who aspire to be top salespeople need to hear and what accomplished salespeople may do naturally that can be done even more deliberately to stay on top.

    Some people strive to meet their quota and others to beat it, but in this session, it’s about crushing the quota!  You don’t need to hear the same old song and dance about positive attitudes and call reports.  You need more than that to crush your numbers.  You need straight talk, creativity, innovative thinking and a few laughs to crush your sales quota year after year.

  • In an 'Everyone Gets a Trophy for Trying' World, Be The One Who Earns It

    Kids get trophies for showing up to the game… and now they are showing up for work.  The Trophy for Trying attitude is killing the workplace.  In this session, your team will be excited to establish an ‘Do the Extra Credit’ culture and they will have the tools to do so.  Doing the extra credit showcases the talents and strengths of everyone and allows them an opportunity to bring the best of themselves to every interaction.  When people bring their A-game they feel good about themselves and they get the results they want.  Turns out trying a little harder, even when you’re doing well is the key to earning the trophy.

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    Satisfaction: The Silent Killer of Success

    The Rolling Stones Can’t Get No Satisfaction while it doesn’t sound good, it may actually be the key to their incredible success.  Satisfaction leads to stagnation and there is no possibility for momentum when you are stagnant.  What happens when salespeople are satisfied?  Managers?  Customer service?  C-suite?  You guessed it… nothing happens.  Satisfaction sounds like something to strive for, but when you get there any future forward progress is limited.  Learn to use the positive aspects of satisfaction without putting the brakes on future results. Packed with stories from real world companies, your attendees will not only be inspired by the examples Merit shares from business, sports, entertainment and real life, they will be in action!  Attendees in businesses of any size walk out of this interactive keynote with tangible ways to be satisfied, yet still strive for more.

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    Real Teamwork Isn't About Playing Nicely Together in the Office Sandbox

    Kids in sandboxes all across America are being lied to.  “Play nice together in the sandbox,” we are told, but at what expense.  When teams are too polite to call each other out, have tough conversations and allow a leader to lead, they are ineffective, they waste time and they can ruin careers and companies.  In this session, we distinguish “playing nice” from “playing effectively.”  It’s what teams need to hear in the way they’ll be able to really hear the message.

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    Cancer Knocked on the Door... Opportunity Answered

    This session is appropriate for women’s groups.  It is not the same old cancer story, it’s a story of taking control and how to do that in all areas of our lives.

    Attendees will laugh and maybe tear up, but they will leave knowing that they hold the keys to their own power and anything is possible.

When you book Merit for any of these keynotes, you can expect:

  • Specific stories from your industry
  • Funny examples from real world experiences
  • Collaborative energizing interactions
  • Customized article for pre-conference PR and post conference support
  • Video promotion clip to set stage for the session
  • Merit interviews attendees to understand industry and nuances of market


When you book Merit for any of these keynotes, your attendees will leave:

  • Willing to take on an Extra Credit Attitude
  • Ready to up their own game
  • Clear about strategies of top performers
  • Knowing the deliberate strategies of the top 10%

Merit’s “No Diva Policy” means you can relax and focus on the event, not special diets, pillows or other fancy celebrity style over-the-top requests.

Merit is best suited to deliver:

  • Keynote sessions- entertaining, content rich & interactive
  • Concurrent/ Breakout Sessions- working session/ training style
  • Half-Day, Full-Day & Multi Day Training Programs
  • Executive Retreat Facilitation


These interactive working sessions follow the adult learning model of  experience, awareness & action.  Attendees experience the gaps, then discover what a best-in-class process looks like and get into action to close the gaps.  Merit facilitates 1-6 hour working sessions for groups of 10 or more in any type of room set up.


  • Hire Top Talent, Or Don’t Bother Hiring

  • Do the Extra Credit Before New Hires Start Grading You

  • Managers Who Rock and Teams That Roll

  • I’m a Professional… I Don’t Sell… Want To Be My Client?
  • Want to Sell More?  Act Like a Middle School Kid

  • Three Things Effective Leaders Do Whether THey Know It or Not

When you book Merit for these workshops, your attendees can expect:

  • Special on-line resource page for attendees
  • Checklists, templates, worksheets
  • Time in the session to work on putting content into context- theory into action
  • Specific stories from your industry
  • Funny video clips from real world experiences
  • Collaborative experiences
  • Customized article for pre-conference PR and post conference support
  • Video promotion clip to set stage for the session
  • Merit interviews attendees to understand industry and nuances of market
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