Gear Up to Hire

It is the beginning of the new year.  All the folks who made new year’s resolutions involving making a change in their work life are back in the office.  They may be in your office.  Or maybe they didn’t wait around for the end of the year bonus check and they already left, giving you an opportunity to hire someone better.

If the thought of hiring leaves you anxious and overwhelmed, you are not alone.  Many managers, business owners and key executives are apprehensive about hiring new talent because they are not sure what they will do with their new hire once that person shows up to work.

First Onboarding Task of the New Year

After a three hour presentation to a group of CEOs from a variety of industries, a veteran CEO and a fairly new CEO both posed the same question . . . “If I could only do one of the many things you shared to improve the way we integrate new employees into our company, what would it be?”

As we start the new year, I would like to share the same recommendation I shared with the two CEOs.

Before you figure out task lists, calendars, agendas and human resources paperwork; consider the culture of your organization and how you would like to express it to your new employees.