The Devil is in the Details

Preparation before performance matters.  Would an actor be ready for the curtain to rise without detailed preparation?  Would an athlete be ready for game day without detailed preparation?  Would a presidential candidate engage in a debate without detailed preparation?  No to all of the above.

Whether you are an actor, athlete or politician, detailed preparation is the key to your success.  Why then do businesses neglect to engage in detailed preparation in advance of bringing a new employee in to their company?

The tour of the office versus the HR paperwork . . . which comes first?

I remember my first day in my new job.  I was excited because it had been my dream to work for a radio station in downtown Chicago.  I spent hours deciding on the perfect outfit to make a good impression for my first day.  I woke up extra early and got to the office about an hour ahead of schedule just to make sure I wouldn’t arrive stressed or late because of traffic.  In my mind, I imagined meeting all of the DJs and bonding with new co-workers.  It didn’t occur to me to bring a lunch because I just thought my boss would take me out to get to know me.  I told my roommate I’d be home late because I was certain there would be drinks after work with my new work buddies.