Inspired to build a better onboarding program, but not sure where to start or how to get the team moving in the same direction?  Invite me to work on-site with your team to design a thorough onboarding program- we will go way beyond what we covered in the workshop.  You will be amazed by what we can accomplish with one day of focused work.

Getting onboarding wrong is expensive, as you discovered in the workshop.  The fix is only $7-10,000.  If your turnover costs are more than $50,000, book the day.  Call me, 720-980-1286.

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Need to teach new & existing folks to be more productive with email?  Check out  Barbara Wilson’s Productivity training workshop.  If you use Outlook and your reps are wasting time with email instead of closing new business, a day with Barbara will pay off royally.  Same discounted rate applies to this session.

Click here for information about the Productivity & Onboarding workshops


I have had so many requests for the Sales Profitability Calculator, Onboarding white paper, as well as the list of resources of everything I cover in the program, that I have created this page, just for you, with all the downloads and links.

Broadcasting is a unique business.  Noll & Associates Principals represent more than 200 years combined media and retail marketing experience and are uniquely qualified to serve the needs of Media Companies, Professional Sports Franchises and other businesses.

Noll & Associates is an “Emergent Autonomous Collective.” Out of due respect to Monty Python, this term describes our company services quite well. Collectively we are Noll & Associates, a full service Management, Training and Business Development Consultancy. Autonomously, each Principal is a business owner specializing in their area of expertise. From an Emergent perspective, your company is serviced by the Noll Principal that most effectively fits your needs and goals. Noll & Associates operates as an “Agent” of change. You get the exact help you need without wasting time and money “vetting” consultants.


B.E.S.T. Template- Account Executive CLICK HERE

Blank Onboarding workshop templates are available upon request: Workshop Handout

Media Executive Weekly Summary CLICK HERE

Media Specific Satellite Seminar Training CLICK HERE for samples and this year’s line up of topics

Noll Media link to additional tools and training, specifically for the media world CLICK HERE

On-Site Seminars- Media Topics CLICK HERE

Salesperson Profitability Calculator CLICK HERE

Salesperson Onboarding White Paper CLICK HERE

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I would love to present at your next conference or work with your team to improve sales, hiring and onboarding.  Email me at or call me at 720-980-1286.

Best regards,

Merit, Principal, Noll & Associates


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