Four main reasons salespeople are not selling:

  • People who don’t believe more is possible will not sell more of anything.
  • People who believe they are not worthy will prove it with poor results.
  • Using yesterday’s action plan in today’s reality will not cut it.
  • One size fits all sales training programs are in an argument with reality.

Unlike typical tactical sales training programs, The “Building Sales Possibilities” Program incorporates the principles of Possibility Thinking into a five step sales process. From prospecting to building long term client relationships, this comprehensive program is effective for those new to sales and veteran selling professionals.

In this program, you will:

  • Discover the three secrets of possibility thinkers and why they sell more.
  • Understand how to improve in five key areas attributed to top sales performers.
  • Learn the 5-step Building Sales Possibilities Program that will work for you.
  • Uncover the truth about why what you learn doesn’t always stick.

This content can be a short interactive workshop at a conference or an on-going, in depth comprehensive sales training program.


Top performing sales professionals
are more valuable to their company and their clients,
they make more money with less effort and have more fun selling.

Value to attendees:

This program is for business owners, sales managers, sales professionals, non-selling professionals and entrepreneurs. You will leave with more focus, clarity, optimism and initiative. You will be able to apply possibility thinking to your leadership, management, sales, hiring and training, which will positively impact training ROI, employee retention, market share, sales revenue and profits. You will also be able to discern what you need in a sales manager, trainer, coach and sales process.

“This is very powerful stuff and I thank you for beating it into this 27 year veteran!”
– Bill Gibson, Executive VP, printing company

“After hearing Merit Gest present at an event, I made a $75K sale a few days later by implementing just one of the great strategies I got out of that presentation and have been an enthusiast ever since.”
– Anna Belyaev, President, E-learning solutions provider

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