Custom, organized, thorough projects.

Company: Manufacturing company, Midwest, builds custom circuit boards

Concern: Need to hire salespeople, but Sales Manager has too much on his plate and would not have time to individually train the new hires he needs.  Catch 22.  Needs to hire, can’t hire because it will take too much time to train them.

Current Solution: Not hiring.  Overworking current staff.  Under-utilized capacity.

What MBD provided: With a minimal time per person investment or manager involvement, our team gathered intelligence from the entire company about what successful selling would look like, what salespeople need to know about engineering before they make promises and how the culture of the company impacts their decisions.  From there we crafted, from scratch, a complete 90-day onboarding program including hour by hour agendas for the first 3 weeks, objectives and tools for weeks 4-12, training modules, FAQs, survey questions to test knowledge transfer, audio files, paper documents & electronic files in an easy to edit format so the process can be updated over time.

Result: With an organized training program to onboard new salespeople that divided the workload and freed up the Sales Manager’s time, they were able to hire two new salespeople within 60 days.  The process gave them confidence to move forward and begin hiring.  An unintentional bonus was that other departments in the company were able to use parts of the process intended to onboard a salesperson and begin to organize their Onboarding process as well.







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