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Company: Manufacturers Rep Agency in Pet, Vet and Farm Ag industries, Midwest

Help manufacturers sell more product & educate retailers

Concern: Rapidly growing company needing to hire 100 new employees, across the country and streamline existing orientation overview.

Current Solution: A live person delivers a webinar, using the same script over and over, along with a power point slide presentation with no photos or video, not a single mention of animals and depending on the delivery capabilities of the person conducting the webinar lots of “umms,” “okay, so…” and other presentation diluting elements.

What MBD provided: Our team totally revamped their orientation slide show by incorporating humor, photos of happy employees with their pets, video clips from the entire executive team welcoming new hires and even some animal trivia to keep things light & fun.  We crafted questions for viewers to answer to assess their knowledge transfer.  We also recorded the presentation so it is available 24/7 on demand for all new hires and any veteran employees who want a refresher in the basics.

Result: The company now has an automated orientation overview presentation that no longer requires an employee’s individual time which freed up four hours/ month @ $150/ hour, which equates to $600 per month, every single month, forever.  The company has a consistent message and the certainty that comes from knowing that all new hires will experience a professional orientation overview.



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