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Company: Manufacturers Rep Agency in Pet, Vet and Farm Ag industries, Midwest

Help manufacturers sell more product & educate retailers

Concern: Workers Compensation claims have been increasing because people are not using proper safety strategies on the job

Current Solution: Provide new hires with a 3 page document about proper safety

What MBD provided: This is an organization of fun people who love animals.  There was nothing fun about reading a 3-page document detailing the structure of the spine and proper lifting techniques.  We recommended using a safety video rather than a document.  Rather than purchasing a canned video, we got creative and wrote an original script for a video featuring several of their employees at a real retail store where they do business… and plenty of animals.

Result: Objective results will take time to measure, but the subjective results are in.  The video has gone viral inside the company.  New hires laugh while they learn and they watch the entire video.  Veteran employees are re-introduced to proper safety strategies.  Employees are showing it to people outside the company which is gaining unintended (and positive) PR and establishing a new identity in the marketplace as a company where people have fun at work.

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