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Company: Consulting firm, Midwest

Concern: Hiring consultants who are accountable for developing business, but nobody in the organization has the time or talent to train them in business development strategies.

Current Solution: New hires shadow veteran consultants who are already over worked which takes people who are producing and puts them in a role where they are not producing and there is little or no incentive to help others produce.  Twice each month, the principal of the firm leads a 20-minute training module.

What MBD provided: Developed a structured sequence of business development steps.  Conducted an off-site, full day, interactive training experience.  Led virtual follow up training sessions for the group, taking that out of the hand of a key executive and freeing up their time while delivering a more consistent and effective methodology.

Result: Merit first trained the two principals of the firm in 1999.  Utilizing their highly tuned business development skills, they went on to grow the firm to the point where they could sell it for a large profit.  When they began building their second company in 2005, they invited Merit back to train their entire team.  Once again, they sold the business for a large profit.  In 2012, Merit’s phone rang again and the two principals, now growing their third company, hired Merit to train the entire office.  And so it goes…





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