4 Key Onboarding Activities to Improve Performance

The past couple weeks, I found myself swept up in Olympics fever.

Of particular interest to me, especially in the running events, was the commentary about the importance of the techniques the runners use when starting their race.  In most of the races and relays, it was the starting moments that made the difference in the finish at the end.  It got me thinking about how new employees start and how those activities can have a big impact on their overall performance.

There are several activities that have a positive impact on employee performance and in this article I will highlight four that are critical and yet easy to implement.

4 Things CEOs Must Stop Doing Immediately To Grow

Stop thinking that your culture just is what it is and can’t it be taught. The culture of your organization is at risk with every single new hire you bring on-board in any role. If you have a team of people who go the extra mile and help each other out, but you hire someone who doesn’t share that philosophy, they can potentially turn your team of people willing to stay late into a team of people who say, “that’s not my job.” As a leader, your primary job is to protect your effective culture or fix your broken culture. It’s the foundation upon which all of your business decisions is made. A faulty culture leads to a future collapse.

Using Your Left and Right Brain to Instantly Improve Onboarding

The world is made up of people who are left brain or right brain thinkers.  The left brainers are logical, analytical and think in terms of process.  Right brainers are creative and not necessarily linear thinkers.

What does this have to do with effective Onboarding?

A lot.

LB (Left Brain) Corporation has a detailed orientation plan set in place for new hires.  When they walk in the door on day one, they fill out all the necessary paperwork, take the obligatory office tour and start learning the phone system.

Super Bowl Lessons for Hiring Managers

Naturally the Broncos are in the Super Bowl because I will be on a plane for the first half of the game. Business travel is not always glamorous or convenient, but in this case it will save me from consuming far too many snacks. The last time the Broncos made it to the Super Bowl I was in Canada on business… thankfully alone in my hotel room during that awful game (I’m sure my Seattle friends have a different take on that game!)

What do you think about our culture?

Does the day-to-day culture of your business match the statement about your company’s culture printed and framed in the lobby?  If it does, then move on to the next item on today’s task list.  If it does not, then you already know you have some work to do.  But, if you are not sure if your day-to-day culture matches your intended culture, then read on.  You have work to do.

Start on Empty

It was mid-December when hard charging business executive approached me with a concern. He was reviewing his results from the past year and was making plans for the upcoming year. Since I had coached him over the past several years, I was familiar with his goal oriented wiring and high activity level. He has been extremely successful in his sales management role, but there was something different about the way he shared this concern that troubled me. There was something different in the way he talked and moved.

Is Your Onboarding Process Chaotic or Disorganized?

Jill’s office is a mess.  There are papers everywhere and no rhyme or reason to her paper or electronic filing systems.  Tom’s office is also a mess, but within ten minutes he can put everything in its proper place.

The difference between Jill and Tom may not look like much if you were to walk past their offices when papers are everywhere, but there is a big difference lurking below.  Jill’s office is in a state of chaos.  Tom’s is in a temporary state of disorganization.

New Year . . .

With less than one month until we close out the year and start fresh, there is a renewed sense of enthusiasm about being organized and productive.  Starting a new year brings the same sort of renewed feelings that new hires bring to their new job, no matter what day of the year it happens to be.

There’s only one problem with the enthusiasm most people bring to a new beginning . . . They make too big of a promise to themselves without the structures in place to support the changes they vow to make.

4 Key Activities to Improve Employee Effort

  • A high effort employee may outperform a low effort employee by 20%.
  • A strongly engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave a company within the next 12 months.
  • An engaged employee is 88% likely to stay even if offered a 10% raise for a similar job elsewhere.

Do I have your attention?  Would you like to know how to get more effort and engagement from the very beginning when a new employee starts working for you?  Would you like to “re-board” the people you already have on your team?

Four key onboarding activities that improve overall employee performance.  They are:

Thanksgiving and Onboarding Possibilities

Thanksgiving is obviously the perfect time to say thank you to those who have made a positive impact in our lives in some way.  Perhaps what is not so obvious is the opportunity to thank people for the difference they will make.  Acknowledging people for past accomplishments lets people know they have provided value, but acknowledging people for the value that you anticipate they will bring allows people to see your vision for them and step into that possibility.

Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to thank, but it’s the giving part that can create so many new possibilities.  It’s not about giving things; it’s about giving people the opportunity to know they matter.