If you are a meeting planner or decision-maker for an upcoming conference or event, please call Merit (720-980-1286) to put a hold on a specific date.  Then we can relax and work out the rest.

 All keynotes and workshops include our “No Diva Policy” so you can relax and focus on the event, not special diets, pillows, room locations or other fancy celebrity style over-the-top requests.

Keynote:  First Impess-em!

Packed with stories from real world companies, your attendees will not only be inspired by the examples Merit shares of creative ways to welcome new hires on day one, they will be in action!  Attendees in businesses of any size walk out of this interactive keynote with tangible ways to teach new hires their culture and celebrate their first day on the job.  Focus on one, two or all three of the deliberate actions that set up new hires for long term success: Deliberate Celebrations, Deliberate Conversations & Deliberate Connections.


When you book Merit for this keynote, you can expect:

  • Specific stories from your industry
  • Funny video clips from real world experiences
  • Collaborative experiences
  • Customized article for pre-conference PR and post conference support
  • Video promotion clip to set stage for the session
  • Merit interviews attendees to understand industry and nuances of market


Keynote:  Less is Not More; Becoming Worthy of More in a Marketplace of Less

The marketplace is crowded.  It doesn’t want you to get your unfair share.  It wants to beat you up on price, strip away margin and rob you of investing in future growth.  The marketplace does not want you to become more because you’ll be worth more and settling for less will no longer do.  What are you worth?  What the marketplace says your worth… or is it more?  In this session, Merit shares the lessons of salespeople who own their worthiness and make no apologies for it.

When you book Merit for this keynote, your attendees will leave:

  • Ready to up their own game
  • Clear about strategies of top performers
  • Knowing the deliberate strategies of the top 10%


Workshop:  Deliberate Onboarding; The Vital Gap Between Hiring and Productivity

This interactive working session follows the adult learning model of  experience, awareness & action.  Attendees experience the gaps in their current onboarding process, then discover what a best-in-class process looks like and get into action to close the gaps.  Merit facilitates 1-6 hour workshops for 10-500 people in any room set up.


When you book Merit for this keynote, your attendees can expect:

  • All of the same expectations as the keynote
  • Distinction between orientation and onboarding
  • Discover the truth about cost of keeping non-performers too long
  • Begin to build Portfolio of Expectations for each role
  • Special on-line resource page for attendees
  • Checklists, templates, worksheets
  • Time in the session to work on putting content into context- theory into action


What Attendees Say…

  • “I was under the impression my onboarding process wasn’t that bad, I realize now it sucks. So actually the first thing I’m going to do is go through the checklist, and see what I can pull off the checklist and I can use immediately, and so we just start building the process.”
  • “You are, in a word, BRILLIANT…and I learned much more from your session at the MAB than at any point since I left college many moons ago. Thank you for delivering vital, timely and interesting information in such a fun a personal manner.”
  • “The thing that sticks with me is really making that first impression, that personal connection with the new employees, and making sure that they fit into the organization. And the emphasis of doing this so that you have a better hiring process.”
  • “My biggest takeaway was first of all the clarity that onboarding is an integral part of the hiring and then retaining high performing employees. And that is not just part of one of those others, it’s an integral element of it, and that we need to develop competency in onboarding just like we do in terms of hiring.”


About Merit…

Merit Gest has more than 20 years of experience working with companies to grow revenue, increase profitability and reduce turnover. She is President and Founder of Merit-based Onboarding, a Denver based firm specializing in designing custom onboarding programs that are flexible, collaborative, consistent, automated and scalable. Merit is one of a small handful of specialists in the world certified and trained in both Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Transformation Tools, giving her a unique perspective for hiring, onboarding and retaining top talent. An active member of The National Speakers Association, Merit has been featured in Selling Power Magazine as an expert advisor, writes articles for Colorado Biz Magazine and speaks regularly for Vistage International, the world’s largest organizations of CEOs.


Here are quick links to make it easy to book Merit:

  • Pre-Program (Questionnaire, best ways to use Merit, presentation time)
  • Logistics (Room set up, visual aids, lighting, microphone, handouts, introduction, photos, articles for promotion)
  • Travel & Fees (fees, travel arrangements, expense policy, booking deposit, holding dates, pro-bono events, AV recording)
  • Post Event (options for follow up coaching, consulting, teleseminars, materials, etc.)


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