At only 4’11” tall, audiences of less than 200 people appreciate when Merit is on a raised platform, 6″ — 12″. For audiences of more than 200 people, 12″ — 24″ is best. Being elevated helps everyone see her- if only she could walk around on a riser 24/7! Occasionally, Merit will leave the stage and walk out into the audience so steps from the front of the platform are appreciated.

Ideally there would be no more than 10 feet from the first row of seats/ tables to the stage.

Merit does not speak from a lectern. If it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for another part of the meeting, please have it set to the side of the stage for Merit’s presentation.

If Merit is not using visual aids in the program, screens should be raised or positioned off to the side. All equipment that is unnecessary for Merit’s program should be removed if possible.


If Merit is using visuals in the program, the screen should be positioned stage right and not in the center. See diagram.

She will bring a flash/ thumb drive with the PowerPoint presentation as well as her own Windows based laptop computer. She needs an LCD projector and screen (12 foot width minimum for breakout session, 24 foot for general sessions). She needs a 48 inch round or square table at the front of the room for her computer. She has her own remote clicker that uses a USB to a laptop.

While Merit is a gifted speaker, she is not as gifted in the area of technology and GREATLY appreciates a technical savvy assistant in the room for set-up 1 hour in advance of program when possible.


Full house lights are best. If using image magnification and/ or video taping, please use as much house light as possible.


Merit prefers a wireless lavaliere microphone. She often moves throughout the room so another option is a wireless hand-held microphone.


We will provide you with a master copy of Merit’s handout. Please have a copy available for each audience member as they enter the room. Handouts and reference materials will be available to attendees on a special, members-only page of Merit’s website after the conclusion of the event.


Introduction to use when introducing Merit Gest to your audience. Merit will have a copy of the standard introduction on paper with her at the event.


Merit is happy to provide articles for your newsletters before and/ or after the event. She is also happy to record a video clip to use as a promotional tool and encourage event attendance as well as a video recap to use in your event follow up campaign.

You may use a previously written article, organized by title and topic by clicking here for articles. Word count for each article is indicated for your convenience.



Click here for photos that you can use in your promotional materials.

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