100% of Merit’s focus is on your attendees. Great care is taken well in advance to make sure your meeting is designed for success from the pre-program questionnaire to the room set-up, audio visuals, lighting, customized materials and event web page.

Please send us any information such as industry magazines, corporate annual reports, recent newsletters, product brochures, relevant web sites to investigate and anything else that will help Merit understand your group. Most importantly, please let us know of any meeting theme and all program details for the event.

Merit’s programs connect with attendees because she takes the time to interview 3 – 7 people in advance of the program. Stories from your industry will be incorporated into the presentation and when possible Merit may highlight specific sponsors, members or employees as positive examples. For this reason, it is imperative that Merit have contact names, phone numbers and email addresses for 7-10 people that represent a cross section of veterans, newbies, job titles, levels of experience, etc.

Click here for Merit’s Pre-Program Questionnaire. You can easily fill it out on-line & email it directly to Merit, or you can print the MS Word version and email, mail or fax it back. Feel free to skip questions that are irrelevant to your group.

To make it easy to invite your selected group of people for Merit to interview, see below for a template to email:

You are receiving this email because our keynote speaker, Merit Gest, will be presenting at our upcoming convention and would like to get to know our group better so the session can be customized and more valuable for all attendees. If you are open to scheduling a 30 minute phone call with Merit, please click here and select an open time to talk in the next two weeks.  http://www.meetme.so/MeritPhoneMeetings Thank you.


  • Keynote speech/ General session
  • Concurrent or Breakout Sessions
  • Half-Day, Full-Day & Multi Day Training Programs
  • Executive Retreat Programs
  • Consulting

Merit’s programs are highly interactive and content rich.  To get the most bang for your buck, it’s best not to have her present after the cocktail hour or during meal functions.

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