Congratulations! You are about to unlock the secrets of building best-in-class onboarding programs.

When you complete the seven modules in this online course you will:

  • have a structured game plan for new hires
  • be clear about the tasks, expectations and accountabilities of your team and your new hires
  • rest easy, knowing that if someone doesn’t cut it, it’s not because you failed them

Here’s a 5 minute video about the online course:

    Companies have paid me tens of thousands of dollars to build their onboarding programs. I am no longer offering that service so I documented the process and put it together in a Do-It-Yourself online course that you can do on your own timeline… and because I want you to have this information, I’m pretty much giving away my secret sauce.

    You buy the first three modules… I’ll give you the other four for free.
    Yep. No-brainer.
    The 7-module course is typically $693

    Topics include:

        • Expectations– selecting categories of expectations for the role you are Onboarding
        • Milestones– what do new hires need to know, do & use. Who will teach & by when
        • Culture Focus– aligning your Onboarding process with the culture of the organization
        • The Day One Experience– constructing a first day experience that eliminates a new hires concerns
        • Writing Training Content– easy & quick ways to create specific content for your training program
        • Assessment of knowledge transfer– strategies to determine mastery of various skills
        • Feedback & Developing People– how to provide constructive feedback with the intent to develop people

    What you can expect upon completion:

        • Freedom– from having to figure out how to build an Onboarding process by yourself
        • Certainty– that your onboarding program is thorough and complete
        • Security– knowing your plan helps others succeed quickly and stay for long term
        • Consistency– in your approach to onboard new hires effectively every single time

    Don’t wait. Get started today.