September 13, 2011 – Tuesday

Bottom Line Sales Boot Camp

Who Cares What You Create If Nobody BUYS it?


What you need to know to sell more & what stops you from selling at all

If nobody hears the tree falling in the forest, does it make a sound?
If nobody buys your creation, does it really do any good?

This is not typical sales training.  Who cares what to say or when to say it if you are not clear on what will block you from getting the words out in the first place?  Who cares if you have a great product or service if you can’t recover from the first or second “no” you get?  Who cares if your stuff is better than the competition if you are using yesterday’s action plan in today’s market?

This program zeros in on four things:

  • Direction so you are clear about where you are headed and why
  • Inspiration to overcome setbacks
  • Action so you create the right game plan and maintain momentum
  • Communication so you effectively work with others for greater success

Who should attend:

Anyone with a product or service they must sell.  Anyone who has created something whether it is an idea, product or process.  Business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate executives.

Bottom line, it boils down into four things.  You will leave feeling more focus, more clarity, more momentum and you will achieve more success however you define it.  You will sell more.  You will earn more.  You will forever know what will block you so you can find a way around it and succeed.

As an added bonus, Merit will share:

  • Top 5 Emotional Intelligence attributes of the ultra successful
  • 5-step process for business development
  • Resource list for creating possibilities

EVENT: Bottom Line Sales Boot Camp
DATE: September 13, 2011 – Tuesday
TIME: 6:30pm-9:00pm

LOCATION: DaVinci Institute, 511 E. South Boulder Road Louisville, CO 80027
DIRECTIONS: Driving Directions

COST: $69, Members: $49, SuperMembers: Free
REGISTER: Register here

PHONE: 303-666-4133

TOPIC: Who Cares What You Create If Nobody BUYS it?
SPEAKER: Merit Gest

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