It is National “Share Your Positivity” week, October 11-17, 2009 and as a card carrying member of the positivity movement, it is my pleasure to share with you the economic benefits of having a positive attitude.

Alexa’s Angels is a jewelry company that has been collecting a virtual databank of 500,000 positive quotes, sentiments and thoughts that anyone can visit, be inspired by and share with the world.  One company… making a positive difference.  Everyday since I learned about the positivity movement I have been happily wearing my positivity bracelet to announce to the world that I am looking for the good in every situation.

Now before you shower me with praise for being so upbeat, I have to let you in on a dirty little secret… not only do I look for the good because it makes me & others around me feel good, but I do it because it looks good on the bottom line.  Yes, there are economic reasons to think positively.

Optimism is an emotional competence that leads to increased productivity. New salesmen at Met Life who scored high on a test of “learned optimism” sold 37% more life insurance in their first two years than pessimists (Seligman, 1990).  That’s real money… attributed to being positive & optimistic.  It’s not just a “soft skill” anymore.  It’s not a “nice to have” anymore.  Being optimistic and seeing the glass half full is a very real business philosophy that yields very real crisp dollar bills.

So, what can you do to turn around a negative mindset?  Here are some ideas…

  1. Get some fresh air- take a few deep breaths and just break the negative pattern by moving to a different physical space.  Why not have an outside sales meeting with your team or with a client?
  2. Exercise is a well documented mood enhancer, better than any drug available if you want to beat the blues, get your blood pumping.  Ever thought about having a walk through the park sales call?  Differentiate yourself from everybody doing business over lunch or coffee.
  3. Laugh out loud- watch a funny movie, go to a comedy club, go to the Hallmark store & read some funny cards, but laugh OUT LOUD.  Then buy a card to send to a client and stand out from the crowd.
  4. Smile at a child… or better yet, an adult.  Kids are more used to people smiling at them, but when was the last time you smiled at an adult for no reason?  Try it.  Smile at the stranger in the elevator… last time I did that it turned out to be my prospect!
  5. Throw out that attitude.  I watched a mother with a cranky child and all the mother said was, “throw out that attitude” and the little girl actually moved her arms as if she was throwing a ball from her head to the floor.  They kept this up until the little girl went from cranky to laughing.  It really did work.  What if you took that concept to the office?  Ever need to throw out an attitude right before a sales call… try it!
  6. Keep informed, but beyond that, stop getting swept up into the media drama.  Find the good media stories out there and let people know that your company is having success and making sales.
  7. Read books about people who have overcome incredible odds.  There is no better time than the present to feed your brain “can-do” messages.  There are countless books out there and you can learn great selling principles from reading about athletes, philanthropists, artists… and dare I say, politicians?!
  8. Look for the good, in every situation.  I am not typically a morning person so I found myself easily able to complain about having to get up early to teach a training class.  Then it dawned on me… would I rather get up early to make a difference and earn some money than sleep in, but have no place to go and no way to contribute when I did get up?  Find the good, it’s out there.
  1. Do things you enjoy.  Plain and simple, when life is hectic, the first things that get sacrificed are the things we enjoy most.  Stop that.  Make time to enjoy life.  It’s easier to be positive and optimistic when you are having a little fun.

Not your typical top 10 list, ending with #9, but it’s time for you to practice.  What would you add to the list?  Alexa’s Angels made a bracelet, sold them in sets of 3 so you could keep one and pass on the positivity to two others.  What could you do?

Merit Gest teaches people how to become Possibility Thinkers at conferences around the globe.  To book Merit for your next event, please call 720-980-1286, or visit

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