Thank you for participating in the “Onboarding: The Vital Gap Between Hiring & Training” workshop.  As HR professionals, you’re biggest challenge will be getting the buy-in from other managers and executives about the importance of onboarding and their specific role.  The resources on this page are intended to help you succeed in getting buy in.

I have had so many requests for the Sales Profitability Calculator, Onboarding white paper, as well as the list of resources from everything I cover in the program, that I have created this page, just for you, with all the downloads.

Link to 100th employee’s first day video:

Link to Zappo’s video about culture:


Here is a link that will save you 20% off Hire Right, Higher Profits by Lee Salz.  I highly recommend this book for selecting and onboarding salespeople.  While it is written with “salespeople” in mind, the methodology is applicable for most roles in your company.

Hire Right, Higher Profits Book Savings Link   BONUS! When you purchase Hire Right, Higher Profits, you also get access to Lee’s virtual training course, Get Your New Hire Salespeople Up to Speed… Fast!, a $99 value. This one-hour video program helps you implement the book’s methodology in your company.


Blank Onboarding workshop templates are available upon request: handout- blank templates for followup BW v.15

Complete handout from workshop SHRM handout- onboarding program BW v.19

Salesperson Profitability Calculator CLICK HERE

Salesperson Onboarding White Paper CLICK HERE

2012 Salesperson Onboarding Survey Report CLICK HERE

Webinar to share with your team to get buy-in on the importance of Onboarding as a corporate initiative:

Go to:
Enter: hirerighthigherprofits

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Survey Questions survey questions

Please remember that I am available to present at your next conference or meeting and available for consulting on hiring and Onboarding.

Email me at or call me at 720-980-1286.  To schedule a phone appointment with me, click on this link to find an available time that works for both of us:

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Here is the message I shared which Apple includes with the welcome packet for their new hires

(Source: Successfull Onboarding by Mark Stein & Lilith Christiansen, 2010, page 107)

“There’s work and there’s your life’s work.  The kind of work that has your fingerprints all over it.  The kind of work you’d never compromise on.  That you’d sacrifice a weekend for.  You can do that kind of work at Apple.  People don’t come here to play it safe.  They come to swim in the deep end.  They want their work to add up to something.  Something big.  Something that couldn’t happen anywhere else.”

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