100% of Merit’s focus is on your attendees. Great care is taken well in advance to make sure your meeting is designed for success from the pre-program questionnaire to the room set-up, audio visuals, lighting, customized handouts, event web page and pre-session marketing material.


Merit’s “No Diva Policy” means you can relax and focus on the event, not special diets, pillows or other fancy celebrity style over-the-top requests! (Seriously, you’ve got better things to do than pick out green M&Ms.)

Need something quick to print to bring into the committee meeting? Click on the picture and download a snazzy pdf!


At only 4’11″ tall, audiences of less than 200 people appreciate when Merit is on a raised platform, 6″ — 12″.

For audiences of more than 200 people, 12″ — 24″ is best. Being elevated helps everyone see her- if only she could walk around on a riser 24/7! Occasionally, Merit will leave the stage and walk out into the audience so steps from the front of the platform are appreciated.

Ideally there would be no more than 10 feet from the first row of seats/ tables to the stage.

Merit does not speak from a lectern… ask her about the first and last time she did, it’s a great story! If it is necessary for a lectern to be on the stage for another part of the meeting, please have it set to the side of the stage for Merit’s presentation.

If Merit is not using visual aids in the program, screens should be raised or positioned off to the side. All equipment that is unnecessary for Merit’s program should be removed if possible.

If Merit is using visuals in the program, the screen should be positioned stage right and not in the center. Click on diagram to expand view:

She will bring a flash/ thumb drive with the PowerPoint presentation as well as her own Windows based laptop computer. She needs an LCD projector and screen (12 foot width minimum for breakout session, 24 foot for general sessions). She needs a 48 inch round or square table at the front of the room for her computer. She has her own remote clicker that uses a USB to a laptop.

While Merit is a gifted speaker, she is not gifted in the area of technology and GREATLY appreciates a technical savvy assistant in the room for set-up 1 hour in advance of program when possible.

Full house lights are best so everyone can see her hilarious facial expressions. If using image magnification and/ or video-taping, please use as much house light as possible.

Merit prefers a wireless hand-held microphone. She often moves throughout the room so another option is a wirelesslavaliere microphone.

If there is a handout specifically designed for the program you’ve chosen, we will provide you with a master copy so you can manage the duplication and distribution.

If your event is “green” handouts and reference materials will also be made available to attendees on a special, attendees-only page of Merit’s website after the conclusion of the event.

Hotel room reservations (non-smoking), preferably at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held, are to be secured by you, the client, guaranteed for late arrival, and should be billed directly to your organization. Merit Gest will be responsible for travel arrangements, non-refundable, (non-stop, when possible) coach fare, round-trip from Denver, Colorado.

Please arrange ground transportation (to and from the airport) and let our office know who will be meeting Merit.

Merit will email her introduction to you based on the specific program you have selected. She will also bring a printed copy of the introduction to the event.

Merit Gest, CSPhas more than 20 years of human dynamics, sales and leadership experience. She is President of Merit-based Professional Development, and earned the highest designation in the speaking profession, Certified Speaking Professional, achieved by less than 12% of speakers worldwide.

Merit’s work experience and certifications in both Emotional Intelligence and cultural transformation give her a unique perspective on sales, leadership, communication, change and success. She is the author of MYTH SHIFT: Challenging The Truths That Sabotage Successand performs original stand-up comedy for the fun of it.


Meeting theme

Got a cool meeting theme you want Merit to incorporate in creative and fun ways? Absolutely!

Not sure about your theme or wondering how to build a theme around one of Merit’s keynotes? Merit is happy to help with ideas.

How about a “Certificate of Merit” for every attendee… yeah, people love it.

Ask us about how you can build your theme around “Merit-based” and incorporate concepts around achievement, value and potential into the entire event.

Attendee/ Executive Interviews

Merit’s programs connect with attendees because she takes the time to interview people in advance of the program. Stories from your industry will be incorporated into the presentation and when possible Merit may highlight specific sponsors, members or employees as positive examples.

To download the Pre-Program Questionnaire, click here.