Getting Top Performers Going…

Letting Non-Performers Go: Grow Revenue, Increase Profitability & Reduce Turnover Through Onboarding

The hiring process is time consuming and costly.  Unwanted turnover means more money and time is lost.  Sometimes people who don’t qualify slip through the hiring process when they should not have.  Sometimes talented people leave before you’ve realized a return on your investment in them.  How do you grow revenue, increase profitability and reduce turnover all at the same time?  The answer is effective onboarding.  Whether new talent comes from outside your organization, transfers to a new role within your organization or comes to you through a merger or acquisition, it is important that their onboarding experience prepares them for success in their role and in the specific culture of your organization.


Hiring & Onboarding: Your One/Two Punch for Growing Revenue, Increasing Profitability & Reducing Turnover

This workshop is essential for all managers who are charged with recruiting, hiring and retaining high performing employees. Hiring the right person is one of the most important responsibilities a manager undertakes, yet most managers have little or no training in the hiring process.

With all the effort, time and expense that goes into making the best hiring decisions, most Managers believe their job is done when the employee is hired.  Little or no attention is paid to designing an on-boarding plan for the new hire to succeed in their role.  What guarantees the success of a new hire is how quickly, professionally and intentionally they are brought up to speed in their new environment.  In this session, members begin to “mind map” their on-boarding process and walk out with a solid plan of action.


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership:  Getting Along To Get Things Done

Successful leaders achieve results not only because they know their industry, but more importantly they know themselves and they understand the people on their team.   This program helps managers and leaders understand their own strengths and weaknesses, gives them the data they need and short cuts their learning curve to understanding their people.

To amplify the relevance for each participant in this program, you can opt to have each person complete an on-line Emotional Intelligence assessment prior to the program.


Who Chiseled That Over The Door?   Challenging Assumptions.   Creating Possibilities.

Merit’s dad, Robert, has been encouraging her to challenge her assumptions since she was a young girl.  As an adult, that skill not only led her to business and financial success, but it also saved her life.  In this inspiring keynote, Merit’s stories allow you to discover how to create possibilities where you didn’t see them before.   You will learn how to clarify what you really want, become more optimistic in your approach to getting it, and proactive in creating it now.   You will feel empowered to get greater results.   You will sell more.   You will earn more.   You will challenge assumptions.   You will create new possibilities.






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