Advanced Assembly CEO, “LD” heartedly endorses the work of Merit Gest, OnBoarding Specialist.

Sales Manafer, Shane Shuffield with Advanced Assembly, shares is positive feedback about the onboarding project recently completed by Merit Gest, OnBoarding specialist

Joanna Murray, President of Women’s Vision Foundation

“You are, in a word,  BRILLIANT…and I learned much more from your session at the MAB than at any point since I left college many moons ago.  Thank you for delivering vital, timely and interesting information in such a fun a personal manner.  I will send the two BEFORE and AFTER versions of our Reporter job posting.  I’m sure you will see your influence!”

– Cynthia J. Thompson, Station Manager , News Director  – Anchor, ABC 10 News Now

“The Onboarding process is as important as the hiring process.  I thought we were just going to talk about job applications and interviews, but I didn’t realize how important the transition was after the person is there.”

–       Jam Sordar, WLNS

“Very interested in the Onboarding. I was impressed with your concept of a “deliberate offer conversation.”  It’s something that I have done, but not to the extent that you explained it and I really liked that.”

–       Cher Allen, General Manager, WBKB

“I will start assigning ‘Culture Mentors’ and I will upgrade our welcome packet for new hires.”

–       Jeff Harju, General Manager, WOLV/ WHKB/ WCCY

“I really enjoyed the part about staying focused on the person rather than the position when writing job posts and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Emotional Intelligence testing.”

–       Duane Alverson, President, MacDonald Broadcasting Company

“The idea of Onboarding in general was helpful.  Ours was a company with the idea of ‘hire someone and it’s done, then prove yourself to us’ and what I’m taking away is that we really need to focus on proving ourselves to them too which will impact our retention of good employees.”

–       Esther Beninati, Sales Manager, WMOM

“Working in the story about Mary Meyer showed that you didn’t just give us the standard presentation, and when I watched you go around meeting people at the dinner the night before your talk, I knew you really cared about getting the message right for our group.”
– Andy Bjork, Gift & Home Trade Association

“Merit was excellent. She’s sharp, knowledgeable, dynamic and real!”
– Lauren Berkowitz, Meiserow Financial

“Very dynamic presentation with solid real life examples.”
– Gary Shust, American Society of Training & Development

“You were always in control and guided the discussion like a master craftsman, allowing it to meet the needs and interests of the attendees, but never straying away from the heart of the topic.”
– Myron Larimer, Chicago Association of REALTORS

“What did you like most about the program? EVERYTHING.”
– Ben Guthrie

“Effective, practical and to the point.”
– Douglas Florzak, Guerrila Marketing Coach

“A great introduction to some important ideas.”
– Greg Schweiner

“The speaker was excellent and the topic was thorough.”
– Freddy Miranda

“She has a great attitude.”
– Leslie Burger

“I wish we had more time. I learned good tips for hiring.”
– Tracy Malone

“Great advice to help salespeople take themselves out of the situation and listen to the client.”
– Michael Harris, President M. Harris & Associates

“The trainer’s trainer! Merit understands the sales professionals attitudes.”
– Ellyn Lambert, Hilton Chicago

“I would recommend this training to any sales organization seeking to measure the value of training.”
– Kenneth Ray, AmeriGroup Corporation

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