The Revenue Accelerator® is one of the most powerful tools we use to design and build onboarding programs for our clients at Merit-Based Development, Inc. It is designed for salespeople and has been adapted for use with a myriad of other positions in an organization.

Think you just hired a great salesperson? You didn’t! You hired a salesperson with the potential to be great on your sales team. However, that potential is only recognized when a structured onboarding program is in place.

Onboarding isn’t just about filling out forms. It is the bridge connecting the salesperson’s skills with proficiency in the sales role for your company. Onboarding helps your new salesperson produce revenue fast and at a high level. What executive isn’t looking for more revenue faster from their salespeople?

Truth is, companies don’t hire salespeople. They make an investment in revenue. The Revenue Accelerator® sales learning management system helps get your new salespeople up to quickly so you receive a high rate of return on your revenue investment.

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How It Works
When a sales candidate accepts a job offer, many executives think the hard work is over. Actually, the real work is about to begin…for both of you. You hired the candidate because you saw potential. However, a plan is needed to ensure that potential becomes reality. Sure, you can keep your fingers crossed and hope your new seller can “figure it out.” But, can you afford to wait for success? Not to mention, how many of your past sales hires failed and it took forever (and a huge investment) to see it?
The Revenue Accelerator® sales learning management system protects your new sales hire investment and helps to ensure a fast return on it. The system provides you with the tools to structure the sales person onboarding experience. Within the system, you can construct onboarding programs, exams and surveys using our proprietary methodology. Once the content is created, the system keeps you apprised of participant performance through online dashboards and email notifications. 

Whether you hire hundreds or just a handful of sales people, The Revenue Accelerator® sales learning management system ensures you receive a return on investment…fast!
What can The Revenue Accelerator® do for you?
  • Reduce ramp-up time for new sellers
  • Ensure they can sell the entire solution your company offers
  • Manage the onboarding process – so you don’t have to
  • Provide visibility into performance – to identify concerns early
  • Recruit new sales talent to your company by “selling” your onboarding experience

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