Keynotes with Content, Connection & Comedy

Your attendees invest their time, energy and money to go to your event. They give up time with their family and they deserve a high energy, content rich, engaging speaker who understands how to capture attention, inspire people to action and make ‘em laugh.  When you book Merit for a keynote, you can expect a true professional who takes the time to learn about your attendees, their industry, challenges and opportunities.

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    Myths Top Sales Professionals Don't Buy

    All you have to do is be someone that people know, like and trust to win business… Sales is a numbers game… Great salespeople are born with the gift of gab… OH PLEASE! Stop the madness, it’s killing your sales results. If you still think your prospects have the power, if you think they ask the questions they really want answers to, if you think they truly are blocking out time to think it over… then it’s time to set the record straight. You are giving away your power and making your job way too difficult. In this interactive keynote you get the chance to discover the humor in these myths and learn the shift that unlocks the potential for greater possibilities and increased sales.

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    Top Five Attributes of Emotionally Intelligent Sales Professionals

    This no-nonsense program is as funny as it is direct. It’s what people who aspire to be top salespeople need to hear and what accomplished salespeople may do naturally that can be done even more deliberately to stay on top.

    Assess the emotional intelligence of your sales force and uncover the real reasons people don’t always use their knowledge, skills and talents to the best of their ability. Discover what top sales professionals have in common and what you can do to crank up your sales effectiveness.

  • In an 'Everyone Gets a Trophy for Trying' World, Lead a Team of People Who Strive to Earn It


    Kids get trophies for showing up to the game… and now they are showing up for work.  The Trophy for Trying attitude is killing the workplace.  In this keynote, leaders laugh as they learn how to establish a ‘Do the Extra Credit’ culture.  Doing the extra credit showcases the talents and strengths of everyone and allows them an opportunity to bring the best of themselves to every interaction.  When people bring their A-game they feel good about themselves and get results.  To lead teams of people who accomplish great things, learn how to create an environment where people strive to earn their trophy every day.


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    Satisfaction: Is It The Silent Killer of Success?

    The Rolling Stones Can’t Get No Satisfaction and that might just be the key to their incredible success.  Does satisfaction lead to stagnation where there is no possibility for momentum?  What happens when salespeople are satisfied?  Managers?  Customer service?  C-suite?  Satisfaction sounds like something to strive for, but what happens to future progress when you get there?  In this lively debate style highly interactive keynote, attendees learn to use the positive aspects of satisfaction without putting the brakes on future results.

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    Re-Deciding The 3 Myths That Challenge Your Success

    You’ve been lied to by nice people who meant well when they told you to be more positive, proactive and present. Sounds good in theory, but there are fundamental flaws in each of these pearls of wisdom that will challenge your success in business and life. Uncover the nugget of truth and shift your perspective to unleash more possibilities in every area of your life.

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    Secret Strategies to Attract, Engage & Keep Top Sales Professionals Forever

    If your plan to prepare sales professionals to be successful is of the “Sink or Swim” or “Drink From The Firehose” variety, prepare for disappointment and costly turnover.

    Most companies don’t have any plan in place to attract top sales professionals, prepare them to be productive or retain them for the long term. Disengagement at work is at record highs and the cost of losing sales professionals goes way beyond a base salary or commission rate. It doesn’t have to be that way. Discover what is unique about onboarding sales professionals and how to do it better than your competition.

Book Merit and get:

  • Specific stories from your industry
  • Funny examples from real world experiences
  • Collaborative energizing interactions
  • Customized articles for conference PR
  • Pre- event video promotion
  • Post- event video take-aways


Your attendees will leave:

  • With a smile on their face
  • Ready to up their own game
  • Only because they have to, not because they want to!

Merit’s “No Diva Policy” means you can relax and focus on the event, not special diets, pillows or other fancy celebrity style over-the-top requests!

Hire Merit to deliver:

  • Keynote

  • Sales Kickoff

  • Breakout Sessions

  • Half-Day, Full-Day & Multi Day Training Programs

  • Executive Retreat Facilitation

  • Event Emcee

  • Facilitate Panel

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessments

  • Sales Coaching & Consulting

Deep Dive Working Sessions

These interactive working sessions follow the adult learning model of  experience, awareness & action.  Attendees experience the gaps, then discover what a best-in-class process looks like and get into action to close the gaps.  Merit facilitates 1-6 hour working sessions for groups of 10 or more in any type of room set up. Ask Merit about the program she delivered on a moving bus…


  • Expectations: How To Manage Theirs And Yours To Sell More Easily

  • Asking The Right Questions & Handling The Real Objections

  • Goal Setting On Steroids- Create Your Best Year Yet

  • I’m a Professional… I Don’t Sell… Want To Be My Client?
  • Best Practices of Sales Driven Companies

  • Understanding Your Emotional Intelligence Profile To Sell More & Lead Stronger

When you book Merit for deep dive working sessions, your attendees will get:

  • Special on-line resource page for attendees
  • Checklists, templates, worksheets
  • Time in the session to work on putting content into context- theory into action
  • Specific stories from your industry
  • Funny video clips from real world experiences
  • Collaborative experiences
  • Customized article for pre-conference PR and post conference support
  • Video promotion clip to set stage for the session
  • Unique experience based on interviews with attendees
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